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thetenspot Prompt 67

Ten things you've never done before.

1. Hated someone. I know it sounds stupid, but ma mere always taught me that hate was a terrible thing to feel, so I wouldn't let myself feel it. Until the war, anyway.

2. Wished I was someone else. I'm rather happy with my life.

3. Pretended to be someone else. See above.

4. Traveled the world. I intend to rectify this as soon as possible.

5. Bred any magical creatures more exciting than double-ended newts and flobberworms. This isn't my fault. My bedroom at Shell Cottage was never very big.

6. Considered myself a proper adult. I'm fairly grown up, I've seen and done rather a lot. When do I cross that line?

7. Said a proper, permanent, terrible goodbye. To anyone.

I like to think I'll never have to, but I'll never be that lucky.

8. Changed my hair colour. I rather like the blonde, but I often wonder about changing it to something wild and exotic. I blame Teddy for that.

9. Fought with Daddy. Mother and I argue quite a lot, but I never argue with my Dad. Which is strange, because we're so alike, in so many ways, you'd think we would.

10. Played a practical joke. Uncle George must be terribly disappointed.

thetenspot Prompt 65

Ten things that have changed this year.

1. Me. I've certainly changed a lot this year. War changes everyone. The important thing is making sure that the person who you are at the end of it is better than the person you were at the beginning.

2. Teddy. Some of the changes weren't good, but it's all ok now, and that's what matters.

3. Hogwarts.

4. Uncle Harry. I grew up knowing who he was and what he has done, but when the war came I was able to see exactly why so many people look up to him. In a way I'm glad I got to see it, even if the reasons why are so terrible.

5. The Weasley family. We've always been a big family. Now we're huge!

6. The Wizarding World. Well, it's true. With so many people...coming back, and so much happening, change was unavoidable.

7. Hagrid's rock cakes. I think they're getting better, you know. No, really.

8. I've met some wonderful people this year, many of whom I never thought I'd ever get to meet. That was a nice change.

9. Life?

10. Everything.

thetenspot Prompt 56

Ten moments that define you as a person.

1. Being Sorted.

2. Becoming a Prefect.

3. Passing my OWLs.

4. Becoming Head Girl.

5. Be...

...they're terrible defining moments, aren't they? They're so dull. I'm much more than just a student and a perfect pupil, or I try to be.

I don't want my list to read like that. I don't like making a list of my 'defining' moments. Who's to say what is defining? A tiny moment can change your life forever, and you might not even notice it go past.

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Thank you so, so much sayshisname XD


thetenspot Prompt 53

Ten things that you wish didn't take so long.

1. The gestation period of the Double-Ended Newt.

2. Potions lessons.

3. Getting up the courage to ask someone out.

4. Doing homework.

5. The walk to the greenhouses.

6. The time between Hogsmeade weekends.

7. Ma mère's talk on 'les oiseaux et les abeilles' (the birds and the bees).

8. OWLs

9. The first lesson on a Monday morning.

10. The last lesson on a Friday afternoon.

thetenspot Prompt 50

Ten questions you will never ask.

1. What really happened to you when you were captured?

2. Why did you put me in Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor?

3. How did the Veela blood get into my family line in the first place?

4. I know why I love you, but why do you love me?

5. What would have happened if Daddy had become a werewolf?

6. Do you even like me, or are you just pretending for his sake?

7. Why can't you just listen some times?

8. Will the fighting ever really be over?

9. How do you sleep at night? How do you let yourself go on breathing?

10. What happened to the times when things were simple?

thetenspot Prompt 48

Ten things that you're thankful for.

1. Teddy

2. Maman et Papa

3. My big, wonderfully noisy and, often, wonderfully interfering family.

4. My friends

5. Teddy

6. Ravenclaw House

7. Hogwarts

8. Charms

9. French Cuisine

10. Teddy

thetenspot Prompt 5

Ten things you learned as child.

1. Curiosity may not actually kill cats, but it certainly didn't do my poor pet double-ended newts any good.

2. It's fine for Daddy to wear fang earrings, but god-forbid I try and do anything similar.

3. There's one rule for adults and another for everyone else. That kind of goes hand in hand with number 2, really.

4. Speaking french to your mother when you're upset will earn you sympathy and, occasionally, hot chocolate.

5. I will never escape Grandma's knitted jumpers, ever.

6. Beings friends with teachers out of school is of absolutely no help when you're in school.

7. When you're small and your parents tell you there may be something strange under the bed waiting to get you, they may actually be telling the truth. We are a wizarding family, after all.

8. Childhood crushes occasionally do end well. Ask Auntie Ginny and Uncle Harry and Auntie Hermione and Uncle Ron. I clung to this a lot during my first years at Hogwarts.

9. Being part Veela (1/8th actually) is overrated.

10. Among the Weasley clan, Quidditch is a religion.

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